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"At last cleaning products that truly address and assist the real environmental issues! I was so pleased to find a company whose products not only support the planet, but are also effective. I have used the Excel, Shining Star and Body Soap Bar for almost a year and could never go back to any of my former products. The hand soap is the BEST I have ever tried. I THANK YOU Morganics and Mother Earth thanks you, too!" - J.T., Scottsdale, AZ
 "I am very much impressed with the fact that there is a company, Morganics, that cares enough about our environment and us to do something about it by providing us with products that will help to slow down the contamination and pollution of our world. These natural, organic products are effective and easy to use, both for cleaning and personal use.

Knowing that they will not harm us gives us a very good feeling about using them and helping out Mother Nature. I recommend them to everyone."

 - B.W., Phoenix, AZ
"In my 15 years as a retailer, customer service expert and user of natural organic products, we've never been as impressed and amazed as we have been with Morganics Excel! Laundry Detergent and White Wave Bleach. My wife Jennifer and baby Elena have sensitive skin needs but our family gets clothes really soiled. Morganics remedied both needs. We will never use another laundry product after having been spoiled by Morganics." - M.O., Charlotte, NC
"As a massage therapist, I could never find the right combination of detergent and spot remover to get the sheets I use for my practice clean. I received a sample packet of all your products and like them all, but your Excel! Laundry Detergent and diluted Pow! gave me the solution to my dilemma of massage oil spots and odor removal. The combination of those two are the only thing I have found to do the trick.

Keep on producing these kinds of products!"

- J.T., Olympia, WA
"Shining Star is the most effective automatic dishwashing detergent we have ever used. We don't have to smell the caustic chlorine smell of popular grocery store brands and we appreciate the fact that it's part of the Morganics Living System. Chlorine is a major environmentally destructive agent. We won't use chlorine in our household. Thank you Morganics for giving us a more effective and safer alternative." - R.K., Santa Rosa, CA
"I just had to write to let you know how impressed I am with your Bar Soap. I'm very particular and have used the same deodorant soap for many years. I am plagued with extremely dry skin which tends to get very dry areas and I need the extra protection of the deodorant. So I would consider myself very hard to please, but "congratulations", you have changed my life. In three short months, your Morganics Bar Soap has cleared my skin of all dry patches and I'm deodorant free! Thanks so much for clearing up my skin problems that I thought I would always have to suffer with." -A.P., Scottsdale, AZ
"Before leaving on a six-week trip in our RV this July, I was given a bar of the Morganics bar soap and samples of the shampoo and conditioner.

I really like the bar soap as it lathers up so quickly and then rinses off so clean, but leaves no feelings of dryness. Both the shampoo and conditioner I was pleased with for the scent, the lather and how they, too, rinsed off so cleanly.

We traveled across the country and back, so we were using water in many locals and the performance of the products from Morganics was always the same, very satisfactory. Not to be overlooked is the fact that the ecology is being helped by our using them. I feel strongly that this is clearly a major consideration for everyone at this time."

"Thanks so much for your great liquid soap. I've suffered from dry skin for so long - going through gallons of lotion - that is, until I started using your Morganics Herbal Lotion Soap. Soft skin is such a luxury." - C.P. Aiken, SC
"I have been plagued with extremely dry and sensitive skin for 24 years. Within five minutes of stepping out of the bath tub, my skin dries up so badly it becomes painful to move. Then I have to go through the arduous task of slathering lotion on every square inch of my body. A luxury for some, an annoying chore for me.

Last night I tried Going Home Bath Salts for the first time. Not only did the wonderful aroma relax me, but when I got out of the tub, I did not have to use any lotion. This has never happened before in my life. My skin was so soft and smooth. I was simply amazed! Thank you Morganics!"



- H.H., Klamath Falls, OR

"I have been taking an OPC product for about four years now. I started taking it to lower the bad cholesterol. I was satisfied with the product I had been taking until I came across the Super 50+. As I read the label I found it had Bilberry and Green Tea.

After taking the Super 50+ for about 2 weeks, I found my vision had started to improve. I noticed that the objects I can see in the distance while driving are much clearer, whereas before the seemed to have fuzzy edges. Also while watching TV, I always had to wear my glasses to keep the fuzziness away. I have found I can sit down and watch TV without wearing my glasses. Thanks to Morganics!"

- C.R., Payson, UT
My name is Ron Swisher and I am 62 years old. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 50 years. In 1972 I had both hips replaced. Doctors said that by the time I was 12 my hips would be worn like an old man's hips. In the mid 1980s I developed quite severe hypertension. My doctor prescribed a medication that was soon not adequate. He added another. I was living in the Washington, DC area at that time and when I moved, my new doctor added yet another prescription. Each time I moved, a new doctor would revise, add strength or add new medicine. About two years ago I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Zestril was added to my list of prescriptions. Just before discovering Morganics I was taking five prescriptions each day. Through consultations with a Morganics nutritionist and taking AZ 2-12 and Sedona Spark regularly, I have been able to eliminate all but one prescription for high blood pressure and one for congestive heart failure. I feel 100 per cent better. I am sleeping better and have lost most of the bad effects of the blood pressure medication (sexual dysfunction). Thank you Morganics!


 - Ron Swisher, Honaunau, HI
For the past 22 years I had suffered with high cholesterol and had been treated on and off with various medications through the years. In October 2000 I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Craig Ricketts,president of morganics inc. I advised Mr. Ricketts of my cholesterol problem and my more recent problems with acid reflux,bloating, heartburn and gas.
Mr. Rricketts advised me that the reason for these problems that I suffer from was due to being over weight and most important the lack of "real" minerals in the vegetables that we eat and suggested that I try his AZ 2-12 product in which he advised would help my problems. I advised him that I would try it out for a 3 month trial and advise of the results.

#1-my cholesterol is now very normal for the first time ever! My entire blood workup was fantastic. I contribute this to AZ 2-12. Call my doctor and confirm my cholesterol history 732-462-8388. #2-my acid reflux is 80% better.
#3-my heart burn is 75% better.
#4-very rarely bloat anymore.
#5-more energy
#6-lost 11 pounds over 3 months without exercise
#7-excessive gas is down 50%. The only thing that disappointed me was that it didn't grow hair on my bald head. I am a true believer in this product and never miss a day without it.
- Steven J. Weiss
New Jersey
"We have done the tests on all the bacteria and the Morganics microbes are the ones that actually do what they say they're going to do. Morganics' Bioblast saved one of my customers $50,000.00 in major sewer line repairs. It really works!" - R.C., Mesa, AZ
"I am general manager of the Swiss Village Lodge and Inn in Payson, Arizona. Our restaurant was designed in such a way that the sewer drains have very little slope to them. Needless to say, we have always had sewer problems due to grease build-up in the drains.

Maintenance costs on clogged drains, not to mention inconvenience, has been outrageous. We had been using enzymes supplied to us from our local cleaning supplier, but with no noticeable change. Then Morganics treated all of the drains and grease traps with Bioblast. They began to work almost instantly. Due to Bioblast treatments, our grease traps are clear of odor and grease and our main sewer is also running clear."

- C.B., Payson, AZ
"We have discovered your Barnyard Battle and think it is wonderful! We live in Forest Lakes on the Rim above Payson and it really works great for our horses. We tell everyone about how well it works. Thank you!" - S.B., Forest Lakes, AZ
"We love the Ruff & Fluff shampoo for our little Yorkie. It makes her coat incredibly shiny and we don't have to use cream rinse. Even our dog groomer comments on her appearance." - R.H., Phoenix, AZ

"One year ago I used your Earth Force when planting a weeping willow tree. I was completely amazed at the growth in just one year. Last year the trunk of the tree was 2 inches in diameter. Now it has grown to 8 inches in diameter. Thanks to you our tree is strong and healthy and will see many a picnic at it's base." - S.H., Payson, AZ