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Free Radicals - How They Damage Your Cells

If you could view the microscopic world of your body at the cellular level, you would witness your cells under attack from free radicals - the by-products of metabolism. Free radicals are electrically charged molecules that attack your cells, tearing through cell membranes, creating havoc with nucleic acids (genetic material), proteins and enzymes inside the cell. These attacks by free radicals known as oxidative stress, are capable of causing cells to lose their structure, their function and eventually disabling or killing the cell. Unless we take the necessary steps to help counteract the unrelenting damage from free radicals, we take the risk of allowing damage to joints, organs and systems that for example, compromise our cardiovascular health and accelerate aging in general. Morganics CO Q 10 is a powerful antioxidant that is well-known for their ability to protect our cells.

Essential dietary antioxidants such as those found in CO Q 10 greatly contribute to the body's antioxidant reserve, but we might also appreciate the antioxidant enzymes, produced at the cell that contribute to the body's team of antioxidants. These players are known as SOD or Superoxide Dismutase. SOD is effective in neutralizing free radicals before they damage cell membranes but once again, only if the medium in which they are to operate is favorable. This medium is the interstitial fluid and its delicate pH balance determines the effective potential of antioxidants.

Activity of thousands of cellular enzymes is profoundly influenced by small changes in pH, and maintenance of normal metabolic activity therefore requires that the pH of body fluids be closely regulated. The pH of arterial blood is ordinarily maintained within a narrow range of 7.35
to 7.45 and deviation much outside this range is indicative of a potentially life-threatening metabolic disturbance. pH has a direct influence on the intra and extra-cellular environment upon which enzymatic metabolism and cell function depend. The blood pH however important and rigorously controlled, is of less consequence than the pH of the intracellular fluid where conditions for enzymatic functions need to be meticulously protected.

Maintenance of an alkaline pH in the blood is accomplished by the buffering systems of the blood itself, by respiratory exchange in the lungs involving regulation of carbonic acid and by regulation of the bicarbonate ion by the kidneys. Kidney tubules, by excreting many or few hydrogen ions, in exchange for reabsorbing many or few sodium ions, control urine pH and thereby help control blood pH.

co q 10In summary, the single and most important aspect of homeostasis is pH. Maintaining adequate levels of enzymes and covalent (non-ionic) alkaline ash minerals such as those found in Morganics' AZ2 12, will ensure precise pH regulation of interstitial fluid and all cells resulting in:
optimal cell energy (production and replenishment of ATP reserves)
maximum cell protection by antioxidants such as those in CO Q 10

Reflections of how well the lungs and kidneys are doing their job of acid / base (alkaline) regulation, can be assessed by routine saliva and urine pH tests. This can be easily done using litmus paper, in the privacy of your home.

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-820-9235

CO-Q-10 - A Key To Our Body's
Electron Transport System

Co-enzyme Q-10 is a fat soluble vitamin-like substance that is found in minute amounts in a variety of foods and although it is synthesized in all tissues, it is found in greater percentages in the heart muscle.

The biosynthesis of Co-Q-10 from the amino acid Tyrosine, is a multi-stage process requiring at least eight vitamins and several trace minerals. Co-enzymes are co-factors upon which large and complex enzymes absolutely depend for their function. Co-Q-10 is the Co-enzyme for at least three mitochondrial enzymes, as well as enzymes in other parts of the cell. Mitochondrial enzymes are essential for the production of the high-energy phosphate, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), upon which all cellular functions depend. Co-Q-10 is critical in the Electron and Proton transfer function, fundamental to all life forms - animals, plants and bacteria.

Normal blood and tissue levels of Co-Q-10 have been well established by numerous investigators around the world. Significantly decreased levels of Co-Q-10 have been noted in a wide variety of diseases in both animals and human studies. Co-Q-10 deficiency may be caused by insufficient dietary Co-Q-10, impairment in Co-Q-10 biosynthesis, excessive utilization of Co-Q-10 by the body, or a combination of the three. Dr. Karl Folkers takes the position that the dominant source of Co-Q-10 in Man is biosynthesis. This complex 17 step process using all the B-Complex vitamins including several trace elements, is, by its nature, highly vulnerable. Dr. Folkers argues that average "normal" levels of Co-Q-10 are really sub-optimal and the very low levels observed in advanced disease states, represent on the tip of the deficiency "ice berg".

Drugs used to treat elevated cholesterol levels, also block the biosynthesis of Co-Q-10 in the heart muscle, where it is needed most.

Co-Q-10 is known to be highly concentrated in heart muscle cells due to the high energy requirements of this cell type. For the past 14 years, the great bulk of clinical work with Co-Q-10 has focused on heart disease. Specifically congestive heart failure has been strongly correlated with significantly low blood and tissue levels of Co-Q-10. The severity of heart failure correlates with the severity of Co-Q-10 deficiency. This deficiency of Co-Q-10 appears to be a major treatable factor in the progression of heart failure.

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, Co-Q-10 is the most powerful treatment of cardiomyopathy available. He states that it increases the survival rate of cardiomyopathy patients tenfold, compared to the combined therapy of ACE inhibitors, diuretics and digitalis drugs. Several trials showed the gradual and sustained improvement in the blood pumped out of the heart as well as improvement in fatigue, chest pain and palpitations.

Internationally, there have been at least nine placebo controlled studies on the treatment of heart disease with Co-Q-10. All nine of these studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Co-Q-10 as well as its remarkable safety.

Since Co-Q-10 is necessary for optimal function of all cells, it is not surprising to learn of the diverse number of diseases which respond favorably to Co-Q-10. Disease states that involve immune dysfunction, have been recognized to have low levels of Co-Q-10. Q-10 is a powerful antioxidant and can greatly reduce oxidative damage to tissues as well as inhibit oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Co-Q-10 protects the mitochondria, the power-house of the cell, from free radical damage. Co-Q-10 is LIFE FORCE.

Colloidal Silver - Exploring
A Great Healing legacy

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, emergency rooms in many locations are filled to overflowing with people suffering from "resistant strains of super-bugs" which conventional antibiotic treatments "won't even touch" according to the candid admission of the panicky physicians themselves. Even people who normally never get sick are coming down with, especially upper respiratory and sometimes cardiac problems of a quite severe or persistent nature. Some people are simply "run down" and don't know why they have no energy. Others say they just have the flu as a way to dismiss a vague array of aches, pains and fevers as well as other discomforting symptoms.

Our immune systems are trying to do their best, in a very hostile environment, compounded by diminished nutritional content of food, through de-mineralized soil, irradiation, genetic manipulations and the general methods of agribusiness, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, nasty air and water pollution, plus a multitude of everyday stresses that contribute to adrenal gland strain.

Along with vitamins, trace minerals have long been known to play a critical role in maintaining good health. Food products particularly fruits and vegetables once supplied all of these trace minerals and other nutrients in easily assimilated forms. But not anymore. How can they when so many fruits and veges are themselves starving due to chemical based aggressive farming methods of agribusiness? It is no wonder that there is an ever-increasing need for supplements in order to achieve and maintain nutritional balance from which our bodies can further synthesize its wide range of specific needs.

One of these trace minerals has long been recognized and used (before antibiotics were plunged onto the scene by large pharmaceutical companies) to combat illnesses and infections of many kinds. Silver is the most well known and outstanding among this category and deserves a closer examination - especially as those emergency rooms fill up and the doctors are at the end of their bacterial fighting rope.

Report on Colloidal Silver
by Dr. Dellyn Hansen of Orem, Utah

"Silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic, used for thousands of years, with no side effects. It is a catalyst, disabling the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism; they suffocate. Yet it is of no harm to human enzymes or any part of human body chemistry. It kills all disease causing organisms. Resistant strains fail to develop and the body does not develop a resistance to the silver. Colloidal silver is both a remedy and a prevention of infections of any kind. Having sufficient colloidal silver in your body, is to have a second immune system. It was in common use until 1938".

Morganics is proud to offer the only colloidal silver that is certified by the International Colloidal Silver Council for Content & Purity. B-38 Colloidal Silver is covered by U.S. Patent 2,193,386. B-38 is a true colloidal silver and not a silver protein.

I have had the privilege of passing this amazing product to hundreds of medical doctors in South Africa including opthalmologists and pediatricians who treat infants and adults with colds, flu, eye, ear, nose, and respiratory, digestive and urinary tract infections. Colloidal silver is effective against strep and staph infections. . B-38 should be in everyone's first aid kit.

Clive Buirski

Estrogen - heart health link questioned by new study

Challenging a medical doctrine that has stood for two decades, a recent study found no evidence that estrogen supplements protect women from heart disease. Other recent studies conclude that estrogen patches, pills and injections cause breast cancer. This is not new news since the manufacturers of the drugs themselves have stated these side effects. Why not "sleep easy" at night and concentrate on clinically proven safe and sound methods of protection against heart disease such as vitamin C, E, Essential Fatty Acids, B complex vitamins, minerals and certain amino acids? Benefits of using nutrients in prevention of cardiovascular disease, Is that these factors are also essential in building and maintaining bone density. It just so happens that these same nutrients help to keep adrenal glands functioning normally, which are a pre-requisite to building collagen. Collagen makes up some 90% of bone. Collagen also helps maintain elasticity of blood vessels and skin. Collagen is the glue that holds all cells together. Unlike estrogen replacement, these nutrients can only help.

  • Earth Force provides minerals to stimulate beneficial soil organisms to prepare soil for nutritious foods and an abundant harvest.
  • Earth Force helps plants build an adequate immune system to offset the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Studies confirm that the ingredients in Earth Force increase plant growth and nutritional value.

Dr. Ricketts agreed to answer questions asked by our customers and associates.

QUESTION: Why does a person need supplements?
ANSWER: By definition, a mineral is an inorganic substance occurring naturally in the earth. It has distinct properties and a composition that can be expressed by a chemical formula. Biologically, minerals go into the making or maintenance of body tissues. For instance, bone consists of crystals of calcium, and iron is a part of the hemoglobin of the red blood cell.

Within the last decades, more attention has been placed on the function of minerals for direct chemical reaction in the body. Minerals are often referred to as co-enzymes and are credited with catalytic actions. Further, minerals are divided into macro-minerals and micro-minerals or large and "trace" minerals-- meaning only very small amounts are required for chemical reactions to be completed.

The minerals that should be taken in larger amounts, although still only one gram or less per day in the correct form, are calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulfur. The trace minerals include chromium, cobalt, copper, fluorine, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc. Recently, many others, in trace form or salts thereof, have been found to be critical in the biologic process.

Morganics fulfills two great needs. The first is to provide minerals and trace minerals together with bacteria for preparing the soil for nutritious crops. (Please see the message on Earth Force on page 2.)

Of equal consequence is the use of trace minerals for the biology of the microorganisms in the digestive tract after foods containing minerals is eaten. This can be accomplished through supplementation with the Fulvic Base™ plant minerals in many of our supplemental products. However, most imperative is the supply of the good bacteria and the seventy-three (73) trace minerals in Fulvic Base™ combined which Morganics provides in AZ 2-12. A supply of enzymes is provided to interact symbiotically with the other ingredients for the conditioning of the intestinal flora. This better insures the digestive action needed for optimal health for a person even to have a chance of succeeding in an optimal quality of life.

Let's keep those bowels moving! It's Nature's first step toward optimal health.


Morganics' new product, Herbal Fiber Cleanse, Gradually and thoroughly cleans out the digestive tract. The goal is for you to eliminate toxins and parasites and prepare your intestines for beneficial probiotics and to maximize nutritional supplementation.

Take two to three hours before using AZ 2-12 and Morganics nutritional supplements for optimum results!

Proprietary Blend:
Psyllium (husk)
Black Walnut (hulls)
Natural Flavors
Hibiscus (flowers)
Shavegrass (grass)
Licorice (root)
Alfalfa (leaves & stem)
Cascara Sagrada (bark)
Oatstraw (straw)
Pumpkin (seed)
Irish Moss (moss)
Yucca (stalk & trunk)
Passionflower (leaves & stem)
Marshmallow (root)
Violet (leaves)
Witch Hazel (leaves)
Slippery Elm (bark)
Mullein (leaves)
Cayenne (leaves)
Stevia (leaves)
Black Seed (seed)
Noni (fruit)
Red Clover (leaves)