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Basil Oil

BASIL 10ML (Ocimum basilicum): Physical: analgesic (headaches); antibacterial; antiseptic; chronic sinusitis Emotional: nervous system (anxiety, insomnia); mental clarity Skin Care: toner for oily skin

Cedar Oil
CEDARWOOD 10ML (Cedrus atlanticus) Physical: arteriosclerosis; bronchitis, Emotional: calming Skin Care: cellulite; oily and blemished skin

Clary Sage
CLARY SAGE (Salvia sclarea) Physical: ant-infectious; anti-fungal; decongestant; regenerative Emotional: relaxing, euphoric Skin Care: all skin types; anti-aging; blemishes

Eucalyptus Oil
EUCALYPTUS (Eucalyptus: citriadora, globulus, polybractia, radiata & smithii Physical: analgesic; anti-rheumatic; antiseptic; energizing; expectorant; disinfectant Emotional: soothing Skin Care: blemished skin

FRANKINCENSE 10 ML(Boswellia carterii) Physical: anticatarrhal (asthma, bronchitis); immunostimulant; immunodeficiency Emotional: energizing, antidepressive Skin Care: acne, wrinkles

Grapefruit Oil
GRAPEFRUIT 10ML (Citrus Paridisi) Physical: antiseptic; tonic (digestive tract) Emotional: stress, antidepressive Skin Care: toner for oily skin

Immune Oil
IMMUNE Oil 10ML Immune is a special blend of essential oils formulated to pair with Dr. Ricketts’ Immune Power nutritional supplement. Its major ingredients are: Basil, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus globus, Eucalyptus smithii, Frankincense, Niaouli, Oregano, Peppermint and Tea Tree oil. Éssentiel Botanicals Immune helps boost the immune system and speeds healing.

Lavendar Oil
LAVENDER (Lavandula vera) Physical: analgesic (arthritis, muscular aches & pains, rheumatism; hypertension; burns and scars Emotional: clears negative energy; insomnia; irritability Skin Care: normal and oily skin; blemishes; sensitive skin; inflamation

Lemon Oil
LEMON Oil 10 ML(Citrus limon) Physical: antibacterial; antiseptic; gallstones & urinary stones; diuretic Emotional: refreshing; energizing Skin Care: for oily and blemished skin

Orange Oil
ORANGE 10 ML (Citrus sinensis) Physical: anti-inflammatory; antiseptic Emotional: antidepressant; refreshing Skin Care: oily skin

Peppermint Oil
PEPPERMINT 10ML (Mentha piperita) Physical: digestive; stomachic; analgesic; decongestant Emotional: refreshing; energizing Skin Care: blemishes and inflamed skin

ROSEMARY (Rosemarinus officinalis) Physical:diuretic; mucolytic (bronchitis, sinusitis); digestive; antibacterial; sexual tonic Emotional: stimulating; increases alertness Skin Care: both dry and oily skin; hair care

Tea Tree
TEA TREE (Melaleuca alternifolia) Physical: antifungal (candida & listeria); anti-infectious (skin infections, intestinal infections, abscesses, bronchitis); anti-inflammatory (including dental); Emotional: antidepressive; PMS; anxiety Skin Care: acne & blemished skin

WINTERGREEN (Gaultheria fragrantisima) Physical: analgesic Emotional: stimulant; refreshing

Ylang Ylang
YLANG YLANG (Cananga odorata) Physical: antispasmodic (cramps, colic); balancing Emotional: hypertension Skin Care: normal and oily skin

Lotus (nymphae lotus)
8 ml: $66.15
4 ml: $34.50

Revered as mystical and associated with life and spirituality in Egypt. Exotic fragrance Physical: enhances healing properties of other essential oils such as boosting the respiratory benefits of Eucalyptus oil Emotional: mood altering, supports nervous system, relaxing, enhances emotions, boosts self confidence, enhances feminine sexual experience; Skin Care: enhances skin regenerative properties of other oils such as rose geranium, lavender and chamomile.

Rose (rosa damascena)
8ml: $104.35
4ml: $54.95

Our Rose is the finest available. The scent is rare and luxurious. Physical: antibacterial; antiinfectious (acute and chronic bronchitis); antiinflammatory (blotchy skin, gingivitis, conjunctivitis); cicatrizant (mouth ulcers, skin problems, sprains, wounds); Emotional: nerve tonic; stabilizes nervous system; uplifting and tonifying Skin Care: for dry, combination, aging, inflamed, sensitive and blotchy skin types.
About Our Essentiel Oils

Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils for the purpose of promoting physical, mental and emotional health and well being. It is both therapeutic and aesthetic. Essential Oils are the pure distillates of plants. They are highly concentrated essences that hold the particular properties of an individual plant—the properties that protect the plant from disease and emit the fragrances that will attract pollinators. Many essential oils have antiseptic properties because of their ability to protect plants from disease. Scent travels to the brain faster than sight or taste. It travels through the limbic system where it is channeled to the Hippocampus, glands, or cerebral cortex. There it can stimulate the release of hormones and neurochemicals that can bring about changes in our glandular secretions, emotional and intellectual activity. Essential oils applied to the skin can affect muscle tissue, joints, lymphatic and cardiovascular systems as well as tissues and organs. In most cases, oils should be diluted in a carrier oil before being applied directly to the skin.


APPLICATION: We recommend using only one drop per 70 pounds of body weight for direct application to the skin. Dilute the appropriate amount of essential oil in a carrier oil. Using too much of an oil can reverse its effects (e.g., Lavender will keep you awake instead of inducing relaxation). Add a few drops to your bath water Add a few drops to a spray bottle of distilled water to spray the air Place a few drops on a cotton ball and place in an area that you’d like to scent Put a few drops in a lamp ring or diffuser The following descriptions of our essential oils are only limited suggestions. We recommend the attached list of books for further information.

SUGGESTED AROMATHERAPY BOOKS (alphabetical by author) These books contain a vast array of information to help you identify many other uses and indications.

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