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Household Care

Attack! Odor, Stain and Fly Eliminator
Attack! has been authorized by the USDA for use in Federally inspected meat and poultry plants. It is formulated for on-contact organic odor control, stain and fly control. Attack! powder is not a pesticide. Its elimination of the host bed attraction of odor causes the flies to go elsewhere. In turn, the result helps control flies and their reproduction wherever Attack! is applied. 6 oz. - powder
Attack! Garbage Disposal
Powerful and safe, these tablets instantly eliminate offensive odors in garbage disposals. Attack! Disposal tabs dissolve scale buildup and prevent clogging. Biodegradable and non-toxic, these tablets are a safe way to keep your disposal clean. (10 Pack) 10 Tablets.
T37_evapsm.jpg Attack! Evap. Cooler
Water found in evaporative coolers/air conditioners and humidifiers is ideal for the growth of types of bacteria that produce offensive odors. Attack! Evap and Humidifier Tablets break down the organic molecules causing the odors. The enzymes chosen eliminate scale buildup and keep mechanical parts clean and free of sticking and/or clogging up. Not only will it help the system operate more efficiently but by clearing and cleaning the filter pads it can dramatically extend the life of your system. (10 Pack).
T36_holdingsm.jpg Attack! Holding Tank
Using a selective group of powerful enzymes, these easy-to-use tablets naturally eliminate odors and liquefy waste. Ideal for use in airplanes, RVs, buses, boats and anywhere holding tanks are used. Powerful Attack! Holding Tank tablets are a naturally derived enzyme counter-actant. Once the enzymes come in contact with the odor they react immediately. The tablets are non-caustic, non-poisonous, and when used as directed are harmless to humans, animals, and plant life. (6 Pack)
Essentiel Botanicals Body Soap
A gentle, natural moisturizing soap. Your entire family will love this gently, natural moisturizing soap that leaves your skin feeling luxuriously silky and smooth. A long-lasting botainical soap formulated with natural Aloe Vera and sea kelp. Éssentiel Botanicals Body Soap gently cleanses, detoxifies and protects your skin from the harsh effects of the environment. Featuring a natural blend of eucalyptus, Canadian fir balsam and other pure essential oils to give it a clean, refreshing fragrance, it's non-toxic and appropriate for all skin types. 5.0 oz. bar