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Morganics Personal care products are developed with pure organic extracts and special coenzymes.
Essentiel Botanicals Body Soap
A gentle, natural moisturizing soap. Your entire family will love this gently, natural moisturizing soap that leaves your skin feeling luxuriously silky and smooth. A long-lasting botainical soap formulated with natural Aloe Vera and sea kelp. Éssentiel Botanicals Body Soap gently cleanses, detoxifies and protects your skin from the harsh effects of the environment. Featuring a natural blend of eucalyptus, Canadian fir balsam and other pure essential oils to give it a clean, refreshing fragrance, it's non-toxic and appropriate for all skin types. 5.0 oz. bar
E Botanicals Progesta-Lieve Natural progesterone Body Creme
NATURAL BODY CREME contains 480-500 mg per ounce of USP NATURAL PROGESTERONE, the amount that Dr. John Lee reccommends. The NATURAL PROGESTERONE is absorbed transdermally. Physician developed, available in 3 oz. pump. Each 3 oz. pump contains about 60 pumps of PROGESTERONE or about a two-month supply. Approx.20mg of PROGESTERONE is dispensed with each full stroke of the pump.

Contains these performance-enhancing ingredients: USP NATURAL PROGESTERONE (DR. JOHN LEE's recommended amount) Aloe Vera, Natural Vitamin E, MSM, Grape Seed Extract, Shea Butter, Chamomile and Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils, and more

Essentiel Botanicals Progesta-Lieve Natural Body Creme may help relieve the following: PMS,Inablity to loose weight, Hot Flashes, Menopausal symptoms, Lack of libido, Mood swings, Osteoporosis and much more.